Han Guo Yuan Vegetarian sugar

Extremely fresh Momordica grosvenor sugar substitute.The dosage is half that of sucrose.Ideal substitute for household sugar.

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International new favorite

Grosvenin is favored by foreign product manufacturers, and the products used in foreign food and beverage industry are also increasing. Nestl é, Pepsi Cola, Coca-Cola, Unification, General Mills, Kellogg and Jobani and many other large enterprises products, Siragonoside has become an important component of its. The annual demand for glucoside in the international market is increasing, and it can be widely used in many processing industries, such as food, baking, beverage and so on.Broad market prospects!

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Scope of application


Cooking dishes.


Drink Sweet partner.


Make cream / bread / dessert.

Infant supplementary

Infant supplementary food/Infant foods.

Basis:Momordica glycosides

FDA is the only sweetener that can be obtained indefinitely. The main sweet ingredient of Siraitia grosvenori is Grosvenoside Ⅴ, which is 300 times as sweet as sucrose, but does not contain any calories. The glucoside extracted from Siraitia grosvenori can be used as an ideal sweetener for sucrose or oligosaccharide sugars such as diabetes, obesity and so on.

Natural composition:Erythritol

Erythritol is a natural sweetener in mushrooms, cantaloupes, red wines, grapes and other foods. It is a pure natural sugar alcohol, a natural zero-calorie sweetener. Raw materials are fermented by corn starch. Heat is absorbed by the small intestine, but does not metabolize, does not produce heat to the body, and is excreted by urine, so the calories are zero. And it's the only one with zero calories in carbohydrates.

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